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Why here :: Accomodation

Extraordinary location midst lively events. Great for tourists, young travellers, families, foreigners coming to the hospital in Maribor, businessmen and all those who want to combine low priced accommodation with good food and moderate prices ...

Skiing in Maribor

We have prepared a very special offer of skiing arrangements for season 2011/2012 (check out our special offers)

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First anniversary of Baščaršija was celebrated with crazy and unforgetable party with our musical performers Danijela and Aco from Bosnia. Special event was performance of "trubači" from Macedonia.


A very original atmosphere with several rooms, each visually different, but together representing a unique return to the past (the old showpieces exhibited in the restaurant are rather rare nowadays). The restaurant can receive smaller groups of up to 30 people and is also equipped with a "balcony" for more personal chats, from where you can follow the happening downstairs ... Our friendly staff can help you select from our offer of traditional dishes, served in clay bowls.

You have to take your time when visiting the restaurant Baščaršija, since our meals begin with homemade plum schnapps and end with turkish coffee and rahatluk ...

Why here :: Restaurant

Authentically furnished room with a lovely aroma of bosnian specialities: čevapčiči, brick oven lepinja, meat skewers, burek, pleskavica, begova- and veal soup, baklava etc., and other less known dishes, e.g. japrak (vine leaf sarma), tulumba (dessert), dolma (stuffed onion), uštipci (pastry made of corn flour and yoghurt) ... All dishes are prepared by a team of cooks using traditional recipes.